Photo: Daniel Vegel

CEU is an alma mater that gives bright future to its students. It is like a big sun that shares its rays with students, who take the light add to it each a personal touch of knowledge, power, and go out to the world. It is an amazing university, unique in its kind as it is truly international, helps to build bridges between nations through representatives of these nations at CEU. I feel a very deep connection with CEU. It helped me to grow and build a network of friends around Europe and beyond. CEU to me means an equal chance for everyone to get excellent education based on merit. It opens the doors that we might not otherwise see. It is a university, a miniworld that gives so much to its inhabitants (students) that after you graduate, you feel you want to continue keeping connection and give back! It is the place to be and Budapest is the city for it to be in! Pray and act for CEU. I STAND WITH CEU.